Fra Verden Av Nod (from "fra verden av nød", Norse for "from the world of distress") is an action comedy-drama anime by Wither. It follows a group of juveniles in a post-apocalyptic, gerontocracic world as they try to defend what remains of the Earth against the invasion of the Haunt, uncover and defeat a corrupt party of elderly senators and finally restore the world to what it was before.

Through Seasons 1 and 2, the series is primarily focused on the juveniles bringing down the Veteran Government and defeat their mercenaries; from Season 3 onwards, the government is brought down. All ages are finally made equal again; after this, the main cast runs into other problems they have to solve while rebuilding the world.


In the year 2034, the combination of nuclear wars and the rapid spread of a disease known as Ometradiculosis leads to the collapse of the world as we know it today. Beginning with February of 2088, the remaining states fuse into one gerontocracy, where the elderly rule over and have superior rights over the rest of the human race. The world keeps on going downhill but reaches its peak at March 2095, when the world is attacked by the Haunt, a race of hyperdimensional entities from the Messianic Plane of Existence, one of the seven Causal Planes of Existence.

In only a matter of months, the Haunt manage to succesfully conquer 65% of the world. Meanwhile, the gerontocracy starts to increasingly become power-hungry, xenophobic and ageistic; they now lower the rights of those of average age, and those below the age of 27 are supressed and considered as inferior due to their lack of experience, compared to the experience and skill of the elderly (which they use to justify their position). There are now three classes from powerful to weak: the Veterans (57 and up), the Primes (27-56) and the Infantiles (0-26).

In July 2095, the Veterans, afraid of a revolution by the juveniles because of their generally rebellious motives/personalities and their superior physique, enforce new policies and start to massively search, apprehend and imprison the Infantiles in concentration camps. A small group of Infantiles considered as chosen ones by a godlike force known as the Feeling are each bestowed by it a necklace that allows them to summon a magical weapon powered by their soul and use one magical power for as long as they are wearing the necklace (and it is not excessively damaged) and have enough stamina.

Together, they set off to prove themselves to the Veterans, restore the world to what it used to be, defeat a corrupt ensemble of Veterans and put an end to the invasion of the Haunt.