Unlike Helst, Lapis wasn't sent to the error zone, and she clearly wasn't abandoned by Notch. But see, she was more of a hidden Genesis, with no use just yet... well except for coloring armor. But the time arose where Notch finally used her essence and power... to enchant weapons with her magical blessing.
— Read in Steve's journal entry, part IV
Ah, Lapis. That idiotic girl clearly didn't fit to be a Genesis. And to think we only saw her once before she disappeared forever. Pathetic.
— Helst, on Lapis

Lapis was a hidden project done by Notch, created alongside the other Genesises. Little is known about her initially, having only known that she was a misfit. But soon, the heroes came to learn about her tale. Lapis had the power to enhance anything, giving it special powers of it's own. She wrote down a magical Lapis's Enchantment Book, which some of the enchantments she listed down were by Notch to make the book in the enchantment table itself, whereas he dubbed the unused ones, Forbidden Enchantments. Lapis had no use yet, until Notch finally agreed to seal part of her into her element- Lapis. It was then used to enchant items, as a new method. The remaining half of her stayed dormant with Notch.