MicahRan17149 is a found footage-style webseries based on the Slender Man Mythos (an ARG), following a group of high school students as an unfortunate coincidence causes them to end up in the middle of a dark conspiracy by a cult known as the CFM (Consecrated Following of Micahran), which is led by a cosmic entity known as the Chairman.

As an interesting twist unique to this series, none of the footage that makes up the series was recorded by any main character; it actually stems from the Oculus, an omnipresent, cosmic force with the ability to convert its visual and audial perception into electronic footage and upload it as videos and GIFs to web servers. The series never bothers to explain who the Oculus is and why it follows the main characters, leaving the audience in the dark.

The "Micahran" part of the names of the series and main antagonistic sect is an anagram of "Chairman", referring to the main antagonist of the series. The "17149" part of the name consists of three unlucky numbers:

  • 17, an unlucky number in Italy. Using the Roman notation of the number, XVII, one can spell vixi, a Latin word that translates to "I have lived" — or in other words, "I am dead".
  • 14, an unlucky number in China. When the one and four that make up the number are pronounced seperately in Chinese (yao-sì, or one-four), it sounds like / translates to "I want to die."
  • 9, an unlucky number in Japan because it sounds roughly the same as the Japanese word for "pain".





Mr. GrinnyEdit

Mr. Grinny

Mr. Grinny

Mr. Grinny or just Grinny is the main antagonist of most of the series, and the Chairman's most prominent follower. He is a human victim of the Chairman made all-powerful god with vast demonic abilities and high weapon profiency that stalks the main cast endlessly, in order of the Chairman.

The ChairmanEdit

The Chairman is the series' incarnation of Slenderman in MicahRan17149. He is the overarching antagonist of Act I, the secondary antagonist for Act II and the main antagonist in Act III and the films. While the Chairman is his true name in the series, he is nonetheless referred to as Slender Man on a few occassions.

He is a godlike being of immeasurable power who leads the Consecrated Following of Micahran, a sect consisting of humans that have been granted similar abilities to his own. He is also the head of the Operative, a hidden organization one level "up" from the CFM consisting of other cosmic entities. The Chairman's goal is to gain as much power as possible until it is sufficient enough to depower the other gods of reality, allowing him to fullfill all of his desires undisturbed and turn totality in his sandbox.