Roleplay Text is the indication of a user signifying a form of roleplay, mainly in chat services and forums. It's most common variant is in the form of italics. It's used for every action in a roleplay, excluding speech


Let's take a look at a few examples. NOTICE: The names listed are purely for example.


Here is the classic method of roleplay text. It's fairly simple and doesn't really use a lot of articulation.

Z: Hello! waves and smiles at Blue'

Blue: Oh hello there! How are you today? waves back

Third PersonEdit

Normally, roleplay text is just regarding actions in italics, but some would tend to write the whole action out, and refer to themselves in the third person. These types are slightly more articulate than the previous method stated above. While mentioning themselves, it would either be a he/she, or the character's name.

Z: Greetings. Z waves at Blue, smiling

Blue: Oh hello there. How are you this day? Blue waves back, returning the smile


And then there are the methods whereby, as if writing sentances of a story, articulates about the nature, the environment, the character's feelings- all dependant on the the current situtation. 

Z: Greetings. He waves at Blue, as the two friends meet. The wind blows, causing a gentle breeze and a silent hum, breaking the silence that was made by the two awe-struck old friends, reunited at last

Blue: Blue looked up and responded with a knowing smile on his face Oh hello there. It's been quite a while since I've heard that voice. How are you this day? The silence was broken, and almost in an instant, Blue felt the awkwardness between him and his old friend had vanished completely, causing the pervious air of tension to subside.


No Italics: This is more in a roleplay where speech is replaced with the quotation marks (") and actions are more developed in a way similar to the Storyllike method of roleplay text.