Work in progress

Slimcast is a cryptic horror-adventure series by Wither, made to replace his currently-on-hold-project MicahRan17149. Inspired by the Clear Lakes 44 and ECKVA webseries and the Candle Cove creepypasta, it follows a group of teenagers and young adults as they try to uncover the truth behind the mysterious organization Benford Studios LLC.

As it is made as replacement of MicahRan17149, many elements and characters from the series are transferred over to Slimcast, although the Slenderverse theme is dropped in favour of custom elements.


Slimcast revolves around a group of children, teenagers and young adults from and around an unnamed city in the middle of Manitoba, Canada, all of whom have faint memories about a company known as Benford Studios LLC.

The main character, Brandon Ordis, starts experiencing nightmares about various supernatural creatures in highly distorted areas while a watermark of "Benford Studios LLC" periodically flashes in front of him. This triggers an apparant trauma from deep in his childhood, causing him to faintly recall several events pertaining to the company he saw in his dreams.

Brandon starts researching the internet and various other media in search for the company, but finds not a single result. When he asks for help on a forum, he gets a few replies from members from in and around his city of the site who also gained those memories after experiencing similar nightmares. They eventually meet and start investigating the company, but the closer they come to the truth, the more it becomes clear they should've kept themselves out of this.