The Green Steve is a major antagonist in Minecraft: The Tenfold Chronicles, serving as the primary antagonist of the Emerald City Arc. The Green Steve's origins, relationships, motives and abilities are shrouded in mystery. All that is currently known about him is that he got his form and moniker from a time traveling Steve, and that he is attempting to turn the entire Overworld into emerald.


The Green Steve's abilities are shrouded in mystery. While it is confirmed that he can fight, he has avoided all confrontations so far in the series, and has currently not shown any of his combat powers.

Most of the Green Steve's shown powers include flight, teleporting others by punching them, sending himself or others through time, instantly showing up wherever he wants, creating barriers, granting life to inanimate objects and forcing his victims to uncontrollably fly through the air.

So far, the Green Steve's most potent ability is his so-called "Hypno-Shifting", where he dominates the will and sentience of others by shapeshifting/transforming them against their will. He can also clone shapeshifted victims and transform them to create entire armies, change the size of others (wether they are transformed or not) and freely transform them into other creatures or matter without losing control. The victims will only regain their will once they are shapeshifted to their normal form. Additionally, Green Steve can also transform others without controlling them, letting them retain their free will.

Green Steve is able to manipulate light to an extent, summoning bright, flashing light to blind his victims or generating light from himself that can push enemies away like an invisible, intangible force, or inversely, drag them closer. A more complex ability of the Green Steve is where he can change any location into a city of emerald. He can also turn others to emerald, thereby petrifying them.

The Green Steve seems to be downright invincible, effortlessly tanking hits from Steve and co. All weapons used on him so far, even diamond ones, broke instantly, and all projectiles bounced off. Green Steve himself, as well as an old man, has stated that he is immune to weapons, and that he can't be harmed with them. It is currently unknown how he can be defeated.

While Green Steve has never truly been fought before (all confrontations with him lasted a few seconds before he ended it, or the heroes instead fought armies of shapeshifted victims while Green Steve watched), it has been stated by the same old man as from the weapon immunity that Green Steve is a deadly fighter, hinting that his other powers will be revealed in the future.


  • Green Steve is the fourth Minecraft Creepypasta character to become a character in Minecraft; The Tenfold Chronicles, following Herobrine, Null and Entity 303.
  • The Green Steve is the only major antagonist in the series that has never fought any other characters so far.